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juli 12th, 2008

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Finally I installed Wordpress

juli 10th, 2008

Today, on the first day of my vacation, I finally installed Wordpress! I decided to start with my In Broken English-blog because it doesn’t contain so many entries.

Wordpress seems to be all I ever wanted from a blogging tool and the installation process actually was as easy as the rumours claimed it would be. I can’t understand why I clinged to Movable Type for such a long time?

Now I need to do some cleaning up within the categories and then try to customize the layout, stay tuned! :-)

A walk in the park

juli 6th, 2008

A walk in the park

We went to see the exhibition “The city of all times – Malmö from 1850 to today” at The Science and Maritime House. It was a lovely day and we walked through Kungsparken where Peter took this photo of me. The exhibition was sort of a disappointment for me, maybe I had too high expectations. I thought it would be grandiose but it was more like … a normal museum exhibition. One thing was cool though, the museum offer 9 downloadable city guides in mp3-format on their website! I will definately try them out during my upcoming vacation!

Visiting Anna and Katrin

september 30th, 2007


We were invited to see how the work with Citytunneln, Malmö’s proud new building project that will take us 5 (!) minutes faster to Copenhagen with train, was progressing. I took my friend Lina with me and went to Triangeln. This is how it looked before we went underground.


Lina was excited! Me too!


Alot of people wanted to see how big Anna and Katrin (the gigant tunnel boring drills both have female names) really was.


They are big!


Me (to the right) and Lina poseing in front of Katrin.

At Citytunneln’s website there is a movie showing how it looked when Katrin arrived to Triangeln a week earlier..

new words

september 10th, 2007

To be creative in a language that is not your mother tounge is difficult. I was gonna write something here about our new apartment, which we moved to a couple of weeks ago, but I got stuck on the first word!

See, we bought this apartment. In Swedish it’s called ‘bostadsrättslägenhet’ and it’s very diffrent from just renting. You have to get a big loan from the bank (which you will not get if you’re not creditworthy enough) and you buy in to a co-operative tenant-owners’ building society.

According to my English dictionary we now own a co-operative building society apartment.

It sounds much more complicated than a ‘bostadsrättslägenhet’ :-)

laundry day

september 10th, 2007

Laundry room

The laundry-room in our new house is a bit shabby. But it has three washing machines! This means laundry days can be shorter and more efficient than before. Isn’t it fantastic? :-)

Today I washed all our dirty linen including all the towels from the bathroom and the bedclothes. I feel like the perfect housewife!

language toolboxes

september 6th, 2007

Language are like toolboxes and I carry three of them around: Swedish, English and German.

Swedish is my first language, my mother tongue. I can do anything with my Swedish tools.

English is my second language. I speak fluently and I can make myself understood in almost all situations. Sometimes, in complicated discussions where a high level of accuracy is required, I do feel I lack the exact right tools I want to use. I’m not very good in small talk either. But my English toolbox usually get the job done.

German is my third language. I would like to think I speak it pretty well but I know my grammar sucks and I lack a lot of useful words. My German toolbox sort of rattle, because it’s kind of empty down there. But I know I could fill it up with useful things if I gave it some time.

Welcome to Malmö!

augusti 22nd, 2007

Turning Torso

View on Västra Hamnen from Ribersborg.

My hometown Malmö is number four on Grist’s list over the world’s green cities! This is Grist’s explanation:

Malmö, Sweden
Known for its extensive parks and green space, Sweden’s third-largest city is a model of sustainable urban development. With the goal of making Malmö an “ekostaden” (eco-city), several neighborhoods have already been transformed using innovative design and are planning to become more socially, environmentally, and economically responsive. Two words, Malmö: organic meatballs.

Reykjavik (Iceland), Portland (Oregon, US) and Curitiba (Brazil) is topping the list. What’s also interesting with this article is that Grist is using photos from Flickr to illustrate the diffrent cities. For a nonprofit organization living from grants and reader contributions, its a very smart and cheap way to be allowed to use a photo without paying for it.

working shift

juli 13th, 2007

I work at a newspaper called Sydsvenska Dagbladet now. It’s a morningpaper that comes out 7 days a week. I start working at 14 or 14.30 in the afternoons and work until 00.30 or 01.00. I work seven days out of 14.

I like working shift. Normal office hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 is not really my thing at all. There are of course some disadvantages working shift, like working weekends or days when normal people have free like Boxing Day or New Years Day but the compensation makes it worth it. I also like having a free day in the middle of the week because it feels so much easier to do all the boring stuff, like washing and cleaning, on a Wednesday then on a Saturday.

Another good thing is that I don’t have to hurry in the morning. I can sleep almost as long as I want and then eat my breakfast and drink my coffe without any stress. I read the paper carefully and I even have time to watch some tv before going to work. This last week I’ve started to watch The Sopranos all from the beginning! One or two episodes before cycling off to work. A perfect start of the day :-)

New English books

juni 2nd, 2007

Two ladies

I am in New York! This city is great but I’m exhausted after being here touristing for 6 days so I’m kind of glad we’re going home tomorrow. But I definately want to come back to experience more. I bringing some books home, I bought them on Barnes & Noble on 2nd Ave/54th Str.

Animal Farm - George Orwell
To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee
The Reading Group - Elizabeth Noble
How to write your own life story - Lois Daniel

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